S/Sgt. John T. Grasse
333rd Bombardment Squadron, 94th Bombardment Group (H) AAF
Dates of sorties: 05 Nov 1943 - 25 May 1944
Air Medal 1,2,3,4, Oak Leaf Clusters, Good Conduct, 2 Overseas Service Bars
Distinguished Flying Cross

Bombing Missions 
Many thanks to 410th Squadron pilot Lt. Dave S. Benson's son, Marc, Chris Argent,
and 94th BG Researcher Louis Hopkins as well as others, for doing the research
& providing the "Records Indicate" information that accompanies much of this history.
The info is subject to error and change as more becomes available.




1. November 5, 1943  Captain Philip G. Wilkinson

 Gelsenkirchen, Germany
2. November 11, 1943  Captain H.V. Simpson

 Munster, Germany

 Mission Navigation Report by 1st. Lt. Allan A. Rippa
Mission Photograph
3. November 29, 1943  Lt. Harold McKee

 Bremen, Germany
4. December 5,1943  Lt. Harold McKee

 Bordeaux, France

Report of Operations Officer by Major Lew A. Weimer
One ...........Two ..........Three
Formation Over Target A .............. Formation Over Target B
Rescue off Fant Crew
5. December 22,1943  Lt. Harold McKee

 Munster, Germany
6. December 24, 1943  Lt. Harold McKee

 St Omer, France

"HotFoot II" Crashed on Runway. .Nosed over on landing. Fuselage sprung, tail section sprung,
nose section smashed. A/C flew after repair as "Freestrider" until salvaged Mar 20,1944.
Crew List as Follows;
2nd Lt. Earl C. Restorick (CP) 2nd Lt. Jake B. Jarmon (N)
2nd Lt. William H. Reid (B) T/Sgt. Robert (NMI) Stark (R)
T/Sgt. David F. Brown Jr.(E) S/Sgt. John T. Grasse (G)
S/Sgt. Frank M. Maaks Jr. (G) S/Sgt. George V. Colie (G)
S/Sgt. Joseph G. Byargron (G) sustained Concussion, scalp lacerations.   .
7. January 5, 1944  Lt. Harold McKee

 Bordeaux, France

Records indicate Lt. McKee changed from A/C 42-3346 TS-C to
A/C 42-39801 TS-B "Northern Queen." for the mission.
Probably encountered mechanical difficulties with 346.
8. January 7, 1944  Lt. Harold McKee

 Ludwigshafen, Germany
9. January 21, 1944  Lt. Harold McKee

 Pas-de-Calais, France (V-weapon launch sites)
10. January 24, 1944  Lt. Harold McKee

 France. Called back due to weather.

11. February 5, 1944

Mission #144 F.O. #148

 Lt. Burton E. Brown

 Villacoublay, France
12. February 10, 1944  Lt. Burton E. Brown

 Brunswick, Germany

From the "Engineering Narrative Report for February 1944" written by Capt. E.M. Allen Jr.
"On the mission of the tenth of February the battle damage was severe in view of the fact that it
was caused by enemy fighters and was mostly 20 mm & .303 caliber damage. The damage on
this mission consisted more of interior damage and structural damage to the aircraft as well as
sheet metal work."
 Mission #148 F.O. #152 The 94th Group sent 21 A/C on this target
13. March 4, 1944  Lt. Burton E. Brown

 Berlin, Germany

 Records indicate A/C 42-97476 TS-K, no name listed.

 **War Diary: The target is still the Bosch electrical works. Again, adverse weather conditions
interfered, forcing the mission to be abandoned.

Mision # 164 F.O. #174 Once again the "Big B" was to be attacked.

14. March 8, 1944  Lt. Burton E. Brown

 Berlin, Germany

Records indicate Lt. Brown turned back due to an engine problem from
52-40N, 05-40E with #3 supercharger out at 26,000 ft. during the mission.
It counted as a "Sortie". He was flying A/C 42-37804 "Pride Of The Yanks".
On the same mission Lt. Samuel B. Shirley returned from 53-04N, 01-32E with
oxygen out. No Sortie. He was flying A/C 42-31401 "Old Hickory"
Mission Photo near Berlin
**War Diary: The specific target being the ball bearing works at Erkner, 16 miles SE of the
center of Berlin. Strike photos indicate excellent results; explosions, smoke & fire being
shown. E/A opposition was slight.

Mission #168 F.O. #174 Today was day. The "Big B" got it.

15. March 18, 1944  Lt. Samuel B. Shirley

 Munich, Germany

**War Diary: Led by Capt. Hogan of the 333rd, the group took off early, the objective being Gablingen
Air Park, 5 miles NW of Augsburg. Due to adverse weather the primary target was not bombed. Munich, the secondary target, was attacked, good results being shown in the strike photos. E/A attacks were not pressed home. With deep regret the Squadron was informed of the loss of Lt. Croft & his crew.

Mission #175 F.O. #181 Deep into Germany to attack Gablingen Airpack and Airfield.

16. March 26, 1944  Lt. John F. Mitchell

 Pas-de-Calais, France

On this date Lt. Mitchell was flying A/C 42-39844 GL-L.
Lt. Dickman was flying A/C 42-31013 XM-L "Myasam Dragon".
Dickman had the tail of his ship chewed for three feet down from the top while
circling the field in a formation assembly maneuver. The accident, caused by poor
visibility, occurred when the tail of Dickman's ship came in contact with the bomb
bay doors of the ship flying directly above it, piloted by Lt. John F. Mitchell.
Both ship's went on to complete the mission.

** War Diary: No-Ball target: Another mission against military installations, this one being
located in the vicinity of Charbourg. Strike photos show poor results.

Mission #181 F.O. #188 Today the sceret installations of "Der Feuhrer".....

17. March 27, 1944  Lt. John F. Mitchell

 Cazeux, France

** War Diary: The target is the A/D at said city, important because of it's use as a fighter station.
Col. O'Connor, our C.O., led the group which successfully attacked the target, strike photos
showing fire & smoke in the target area.
Mission Photo

Mission #182 F.O, #189 Target today is 35 miles SW of Bordeaux

18. March 28, 1944  Lt. John F. Mitchell

 Chartres, France

** War Diary: Target was another A/D, important because of it's use as an O.T.U. station.
Strike photos showed excellent results. There was no E/A opposition.
Mission Photo

Mission #183 F.O. #190 Today we went back to France.....

19. April 1, 1944  Lt. John F. Mitchell

 Called Back due to weather.
20. April 8, 1944  Lt. John F. Mitchell

 Handorf/Hesepe, Germany

Primary target was Rheine Airfield, two secondaries were hit.
Records indicate A/C # 42-31401 "Old Hickory"  Two engines on one side shot out.
Navigator, Lt. Milton S. Burkleo, shot in face.
Lt. Burkleo, 0-738816 recieved a DFC for Outstanding Achievement on the mission.
It was awarded by General Order #102, 3rd Bomb Division Headquarters on 8 May 1944.
21. April 9, 1944  Lt. John F. Mitchell

 Warnemunde, Germany

Records indicate A/C # 42-97156 TS-A "Yo Is My Ideal" .......Crew Photo
22. April 10, 1944  Lt. John F. Mitchell

 Deist/Schaffen, Beligum

Records indicate A/C # 42-97138 XM-C, B17G, name unknown.
23. April 11, 1944  Lt. John F. Mitchell

 Posen, Poland was the target


  The 333rd Squadron diary for 11 April, 1944: "This time a long haul to a factory in
Posen, Poland, 125 miles west of Berlin. Bad weather prevented the group from
reaching the briefed target and a target of opportunity was hit at Arnimswalde/Politz,
near Stettin, Germany on the Baltic Sea. Flak was very accurate."

 And the recollections of a B-17 gunner:
"No fighter cover from the Danish coast to the target and back to the coast.
Just before bombs away were were attacked by 12 ME110s, making two
frontal passes and sweeping under our formation. On the way out over the
Danish coast, Merrill Vaughan's crew, flying "Miss Donna Mae," went
down near the Baltic Sea. We later learned that the 6 gunners were KIA
and the 4 officers became POWs. "

Formation Document 1 ... Formation Document 2
24. April 12, 1944  Lt. John F. Mitchell

 Mission aborted due to weather.
25. April 13, 1944 Lt. John F. Mitchell

Augsburg, Germany

Records indicate A/C 42-39896 TS-L
General Information Report
26. May 1, 1944 .Lt. Alfred B. Paul

 Abbeville, France

Target : V-weapon site near Behen. Mission returned with bombs due to weather.
Records indicate A/C # 42-31449 XM-A "Texas Mauler"
27. May 9, 1944 Capt. John Skarren /
Lt. Alfred B. Paul

 Laon/Athies, France

Records indicate A/C # 42-97156 "Yo Is My Ideal" flying this mission as TS-R.
Crew list as follows: Lt. Judah H. Modansky (N) Lt. William A. Brennan (B)
T/Sgt. Robert M. Dykeman (RO) S/Sgt. John T. Grasse (BT) T/Sgt. George Maly (TT)
S/Sgt. John DiFabio (WG) S/Sgt. Thomas E. Hackett (WG)
Lt. Ralph F. Koener Jr. (TG)--Formation Control Officer/Tail Gunner
28. May 19, 1944***  Lt. Alfred B. Paul
Doodledoo Crew

 Berlin, Germany
29. May 24, 1944  Lt. Alfred B. Paul

 Berlin, Germany
30. May 25, 1944  Lt. Alfred B. Paul

 Brussels, Belgium

** War Diary for the 333rd, the month of March 1944, prepared by 1st Lt. Walter V. Babic 
A/D... Air Depot
E/A... Enemy Aircraft
O.T.U. ... Operational Training Unit

*** Unreconciled Mission

 Rougham Tower, Bury St. Edmund, England

 Rougham Tower Association