......The Leiby family name has been through many changes over the centuries. Spelling was at the mercy of those who recorded Baptisms, and church records. Those who wrote the ships manifests, and those who recorded births. Probably misspelled in the 16th & 17th century as frequently as it is today.

Spelled Louppe in the early 1500's, in Switzerland. Leuppin in the late 1500's. In the early 1600's it was Loupi. A few of the other early variations include Leype, Luype, and Leipe. Modern day variations include Leiby, Lieby, Liby, and Libey, as well as many others. We do know that Johann Friedrich signed the Oath of Allegiance on August 17,1733 as LEIBY.

The following information was gleaned from a variety of sources and organized by Alan Lee Leiby, with considerable assistance from Dr. Grant Leiby. If you see a statement that you know to be incorrect or would like to make a link to
one of the names, feel free to contact me at & I will attempt to reconcile the information.
Family members have supplied the photographs and the identity of those in the photos is certain.
The names highlighted in red are my direct descendants. ........................Alan L. Leiby
* Indicates info taken from the Leiby Family Bible

Ulli Leuppe came from Grenchen Switzerland and married Rosina Furler on August 27,1565, in Bubendorf, Basil,
Switzerland. Ulli went to work as a wagon maker for the miller Michael Thommen. Rosina was born in 1540 and was
from Granichen, Aargau. Their children were:
  Hans Uli Leupin, born 1571, twice married , first to Elsbeth Moser & then to Agnes Muller May 30, 1614.
Urs (Durs) Leuppin.
Hans Leuppin, married Catherine Meuri May 29, 1592.
Pantaleon Leuppin, married Verena Gruniger Nov 13,1599 & Barbara Bratteler Nov 6, 1604.
Barbara Leuppin.
Catharina Leuppin, married Niklaus Spitaler on Oct 23, 1604.
Elsbeth Leupin, baptized Aug 11, 1583.

Urs (Durs) Leuppin was a tailor in Bubendorf Switzerland. Born in 1573 and probably died in 1634 or before. Married Elisabetha Grimm November 25, 1589 in Bubendorf. Elisabetha was from Zeifen, a village near Bubendorf. Elisabetha was buried Feb 19,1639 in Muttenz, Basel, Switzerland. All of their children were baptized in Bubendorf or Zeifen.
  Michael Leuppin, baptized Aug 22, 1591 and died young.
Verena Leuppin, baptized Oct 29, 1592, married Ehrhard Muntschi before 1618.
Anna Leuppin, baptized Oct 31, 1594. Adam Leuppin, born in 1597 and died young.
Margaretha Leuppin, baptized Aug 20, 1598.
Rosina Leupin, Baptized Jan 29, 1604.
Adam Leuppin, baptized Feb 1,1607, buried Mar 15, 1635 in Muttenz.
Jacob Leuppin, baptized Jan 15,1609.
Barbara Leuppin, baptized Sept 13, 1612, married Bartholome Rudin before 1639.

Michael & his mother moved to Muttenz Switzerland in 1634 and there is no record that indicates that Urs moved with them..

Michael Leuppin was born in Bubendorf and baptized June 21,1601, and was buried Oct 14 1684 in Muttenz,
Basel, Switzerland. Michael worked in the Wildenstein Castle while in Bubendorf. When the castle burned in 1634
he , and his brothers and sisters moved to Muttenz, Canton, Basel, Switzerland where he entered the Vogtei
Munchenstein for the legal court at the salary of 12 Pfund and 10 Schilling. Younger brother Adam (1607-1635),
was shot and killed by a young mill worker. Because of the early death of all of his other brothers except Jacob,
Michael appears to be the progenitor of all of the Loupi families remaining in Muttenz today. (Brother Jacob may
or may not have had family or he may have settled elsewhere.) Married twice. First to Elisabeth Stoler (buried
Feb 5,1639) on Nov 29, 1630 in Bubendorf, Basel, Switzerland. Second to Barbara Tschudin (born 1602,
died Oct 14, 1685) on Mar 19, 1639 in Muttenz, Basel, Switzerland. Children born to Michael & Elisabeth were:
  Elisabetha Loupi (born Oct 20, 1631 and died young).
Anna Margaretha Leupi (baptized May 12, 1633) Godfather was Bernhard Brand, Lord of Wildenstein. .....Anna was married Jan 13, 1652 to Martin Lauber (baptized Jun 3,1627 and died Sept 1, 1693).
Jacob Leype
Michael Loupi (born Jan 13, 1639 and probably died young, as a child from the second marriage was
.....also named Michael).

Jacob Leype, baptized Mar 5,1637, his sister, Anna Margaretha Leupi and her husband Martin moved from Muttenz,
Basel Switzerland to Steinsfurt, Baden, Germany before 1661. Jacob was first married to Lsabiets
(surname unknown). She is believed to have died in late 1662 or early 1663. Jacob married Anna Catharina Shumacher
Apr 21,1663 in Steinsfurt. Jacobs third marriage was to Sara Wanner June 3, 1678 and the marriage record identifies
Jacob as a member of the village council. Church records indicate that many descendants of Jacob still live in Steinsfurt. Records indicate that Jacob was a linen weaver.
.....Jacob was apparently a part of the extensive repopulation of the Kraichgau area after the end of the Thirty Years war and the pestilence year of 1635 when 80 to 90% of the population died. Many of the new residents came from an over populated Switzerland. Children of Jacob & Anna Catharina were
  Michael Luype
Martin Luype, baptized Sept 25 1666.
Anna Elisabetha Leype, baptized Dec 2,1668,
Anna Maria Leipe, baptized Jan 1,1671.
Jacob Leipe, baptized May 11,1673 (married Anna Epple Aug 11,1699).
Amandes Leipe, baptized Jan 16,1675 & died 1735 (married Anna Barbara).
Eberhardt Leipe, baptized Dec 26,1667 and died five days later.

Michael Luype was Baptized February 18,1664. Born and probably died in Steinsfurt, Germany. Married Barbara
(surname unknown). Their son: Johann Friedrich

Johann Friedrich Leiby, Sr. born Dec 1694 in Steinsfurt,Baden, Germany, died 1759 in Greenwich Twp., Berks Co., PA. Buried at Friendship Farm, Greenwich Twp., Berks, Co., PA. . Married Maria Magdalena (or Mettlina) (born 1696 died after1760) . They arrived in Philadelphia on the ship "Samuel" August 17,1733 with children Jacob 13(B 07/1719, D 1809,) Michael 10, Wolrick 4 and Catharina 1. Son John Killian was born in America after Johann Friedrich Jr. Friedrich was 38 years old and Maria was 37 when they arrived in Pennsylvania..
......Several land warrants in Philadelphia County (later Berks County) were issued to Friederich Leiby including: 201 acres on August 16, 1738, 100 acres (167 + acres on survey) on June 30, 1741, 50 acres on September 8, 1746 25 acres (37 + on survey) on May 8, 1751 (Pennsylvania Archives, Third series, Vol. XXIV).

.. The second and fourth warrants were combined into a tract of land called "Friendship" in Greenwich Twp., Berks County and was patented by the Commonwealth to Jacob Leiby on May 7, 1810.

The following excerpt is taken from "LEIBY GENEALOGY - The Ancestors and Descendants of Daniel L. and Mary Steigerwalt Leiby," published by a committee for the preparation of a brief genealogy, Tamaqua, PA 1956.

"FRIEDRICH LEIBY, the ancestor of the Leiby family in America, arrived at Philadelphia on the ship "Samuel" on August 17, 1733, at he age of 38 years. With him were his wife, MARIA METTLINA LEIBY, and four children: Jacob, 13, Michael, 10, Wolrick, 4, and Catharina, 1.
The ship had sailed from Rotterdam, the Dutch port at the mouth of the Rhine, from which thousands of other Germans, Swiss and French left for America, after a long journey down the Rhine from their homes in the Palatinate or Switzerland. Robert's "History of Lehigh County", published about seventy-five years ago, says that Frederick Leiby and his family started from their native Switzerland with the intention of going to Brazil, but determined upon a change of destination en route down the Rhine. Family tradition has been that the travelers first stopped in England, which probably referred only to he brief stop at an English port which all vessels from Holland made before proceeding to the British colonies, though England had held thousands of religious refugees from the Rhineland in the early eighteenth century and it is conceivable that the Leibys may have been among them for a time. If there was a change of plan from Brazil to Pennsylvania, that was not unusual, for many emigrants left the upper Rhineland believing this or that government was willing to pay their way to the new world, only to find at Rotterdam that they would have to pay their own way, all too often by binding themselves as indentured servants. Friedrich Leiby was a landowner soon after he arrived in America, so we may assume that he paid his own way to these shores.

It was a day in which thousands of Protestants were pouring out of upper Rhineland, convinced that Pennsylvania and the new world offered their only hope of securing religious freedom after a century of religious war and persecution. Thirty thousand of them arrived in Pennsylvania within a few decades in the early 1700's. If Frederick Leiby was Swiss, he was not a religious refugee in any immediate sense, for Switzerland did not persecute followers of the Reformed religion, but many earnest Europeans, of whatever country, felt that God intended to raise up a new Zion on these western shores, where men and the Reformed religion would both prosper. The Swiss government is said to have been finally obliged to take action to discourage the emigration.

The ship's list as prepared by English clerks at Philadelphia shows Frederick's name as Friedrich Leyday. His own signature, in a small, neat hand, reads Friedrich Leiby plainly enough. Understandably, the name has been spelled in a great variety of ways. Friedrich himself seems to have sometimes spelled i "Leibi", but "i" and "y" were wholly interchangeable at that time. He also seems to have sometimes signed "John Friedrich Leiby". Here again, the name John was often given to Swiss children - in fact often to more than one child in the same family - the second name being the one regularly used.

In any case, Friedrich's signature on the ship's papers leaves no doubt that the name was Leiby, and not Leyday or Leidy or Leibig or any other.

Within five years after his arrival in America, Friedrich Leiby had moved to Oley, a small settlement in Berks County.

Oley was somewhat better known than its size would have indicated. In the first place, some at least of its people had come, not from the port of Philadelphia, but from the earlier Palatinate settlements on the Hudson River, by way of Schoharie, New York. It was also celebrated among Pennsylvania Germans because it included among its settlers one of the most remarkable of the German religious sects in Pennsylvania; indeed, the sect had been founded there. These men called themselves the "New Born"; they believed ...

In February, 1740, Frederick Leiby joined, as deacon, in signing Oley's pledge toward the salary of a new minister, and Peter Leiby (Leibi) signed the same instrument as elder of the Reformed Church at Maxatawny. (Letters of John Philip Boehm, Hincke, 283, 289, 364.) (Peter Leiby's name appears on one of the ship's lists, which were of course not always wholly complete. He may have come to America with Frederick and he may conceivably have come to the Oley area from the Hudson River settlements. He was old enough and well enough respected to be elected to the office of elder of the Maxatawny church.) Some of the sons of Frederick were later among the principal early figures in the New Jerusalem church, on Maiden Creek.

Johann Friedrich Leiby, Jr born May 1735 (the first Leiby born in America). Married Susanne Jurgon. He died
March 1817 in Albany Twp., Berks Co., PA. Buried Dunkel Cemetery, Greenwich Twp., Berks Co., PA. . He was
an Indian Trader and Soldier in the Revolutionary war. Children were John George born 1780, Matthias born 1760,
Johann Jacob also Revolutionary war soldier, Elizabeth, Barbara, Suzanna born 1781. Their son Matthias

Matthias Leiby born 1760, died December 20,1848. Also a Revolutionary War Soldier (Pension # R6273). Married
Elizabeth Moyer. Elizabeth died August 1828 and is buried at Zion Church, Snyderville, Schuykill Co., PA.. Matthias
is listed in the West Penn census, 1840, as age 80-89, in the same household as a woman, age 60-69 who was
probably Anna Margaret Leiby, Johann Jacobs widow. Matthias is buried in Milford Perry Co., now Wila. Nearby is
a stone marked 20, 1848MJL D. MBR20. Their only child Johann Jacob

 Johann Jacob Leiby born June 1783, died Oct 28, 1834 in West Penn Township, Schuylkill Co., PA,. and buried at the Zion Church. Married Margaret Dietrich. The will and estate papers of Johann Jacob Leiby, listed his children as
Signature on Will 

  George Leiby,
William Leiby,
Stephen Leiby,
Catharine Leiby, married Benjamin Franklin Zigler (Ziegler)).
Salome Leiby (b 12/07/1812,d 12/11/1853), married Gideon Donat, four children.
Elizabeth Leiby ,married John Hoppes.
Rebecca Leiby, while no husband was listed for her, a son, Nathaniel Zehner was mentioned for Rebecca. Hannah Leiby,
Susannah, (Susannah Leiby married Tobias Miller).
Margaret Leiby, married S. Morhead.
Maria Leiby, married Jacob Miller
Priscilla Leiby, (b 01/20/1826) married David Zehner, they lived in Dale Wisconsin..

Hannah and Nathaniel were both appointed a guardian on October 26, 1835. The papers for Nathaniel were signed by Margaretha Bachert, wife of Solomon Bachert, as the mother of Nathaniel an illegitimate child. In the 1850 census in
West Pen Twp, the wife of Solomon Bachert was listed as Rebecca. It would appear that Rebecca Leiby married
Solomon Bachert. Land records in Jackson Twp., Trumbull County, Ohio in 1840, indicate that William Leiby,
Stephen Leiby and Tobias Miller were all living very near to each other. Benjamin Sigler (Zigler) was also living in
the same township in Trumbull County, Ohio.

Stephen Leiby born 1810. Married Rebecca Clingerman. Rebecca was *born Nov10,1812 and *died Jan 31,1898.
She is buried in the East Homer Church cemetery, Pawnee Rd, Homer Township, Oh. Marriage records from the
Trumbull County Archives indicate William Leiby applied for the license for Stephen Liby and Rebecca Clingerman
on September 11, 1834. Also, William Libick and Elizabeth Clingaman were married September 10, 1831, by Jacob Dustman. (Rebecca & Elizabeth were cousins.
......In the 1840 census, Stephen Leiby and his brother George Leiby were living in Homer Twp., Medina County, OH.
The 1850 US Census, page 160, shows Stephen and family in Homer Twp., Medina Co., Ohio. Children Gideon l2,
Jonathan l0, Abbey 8, Sali 5. The 1860 Census shows George Leiby was still in Homer Twp. As was Rebecca Leiby
and children. Stephen Leiby is not, however, listed. This would indicate that Stephen may have died between 1850
and 1860.
Gideon Leiby & Friends 
Gideon Leiby (Right Rear)
& unidentified friends

Gideon Leiby *born Feb 12, 1838, *died Dec 27, 1900.
married *Marilla Johnson May 21,1868. Marilla was *born June 5, 1851 and *died Aug 21,1916. They are buried together in the East Homer Church Cemetery, Pawnee Rd., Homer Township, Medina County, Ohio. )

Gideon & Marilla's children included a daughter, Netta A Leiby (Witherstine) born Aug 18, 1874 and their son William Wallace Leiby.

* Indicates information taken from the Leiby family bible.

 ** My research reveals three Gideon Leibys living in the area of Homer during the same time frame. I have identified them as :

My GG Grandfather, b-2/12/1838, married Marilla Johnson. He is the son of Stephen.

Gideon M., b-abt 1842, married Elizabeth Keene He is the son of George, Stephens brother. He was my GG Grandfathers cousin.
Lived in Ashland, Sullivan and Homer. May have died in Ashland, Oh, in 1931 and is probably buried there.

In 1886 Gideon Leiby bought into a partnership at a mercantile, in Homerville, with Archibald McFerren. As a result
of this business venture Gideon was appointed as Homerville's fourth postmaster, a position he held until approximately 1893 when he sold his interest in the store. While it is unclear which of the two cousins this describes, it is probable
that it is Gideon M. as on October 1, 1902, rural mail delivery was established in Homer, with his son,
Lorenzo Leiby, as the first carrier.

The 3rd, Gideon, b-abt1869, married Lucy Johnson and had five children, Sylvia, Hazel, Grant, Juanita, & Dayton. He is buried in LaGrange, Ohio. He is the son of Jonathon, my GG Grandfathers brother. He was my GG Grandfathers nephew.

Gideon Leiby, Civil War Uniform 

Gideon Leiby 124th O.V.I.

Military records list Gideon Liby,
Age 23,
Rank: Private,
Entered Service: Aug 12, 1862
Period of service: 13 months
Discharged: Sept. 2,1863 on
Surgeon's certificate of disability
Gideon sustained a dislocated right hip during a march from Lewisville to Elisabethtown, Pa. This, combined with kidney disease (a result of typhoid fever) caused Gideon to take a disability discharge from the military.

Company B was organized, almost exclusively, from the young men of the Western townships of Medina county. When
mustered into service of the United States it had so many men that a number of them had to be mustered into other companies, and were later transferred back to the company in which they had enlisted.
The regiment was organized at Camp Cleveland, Oh. from Aug to Sept of 1862 to serve three years. It was mustered out of service July 9, 1865, with orders from the War Department.


William Wallace Leiby *born Apr 23, 1879, died 1963. Married *Leafa May Davidson May 13,1900. They are buried together at the East Homer Church, Pawnee Rd., Medina County, Ohio. Williams 1949 Ohio drivers license lists his occupation as farmer. Described as 6'2" 169 Gry & Brn. His 1954 drivers license lists occupation as retired.

Leafa Mae was born Jan 5,1881 in Sullivan, Ashland County, Oh. and died at her home in Homer,
Oct 5,1944. The daughter of James & Cornelia Davidson, she spent most of her life in Sullivan and Homer.

They had eight children.
 William Wallace Leiby
Harold D. Leiby & Family
*Harold Dean Leiby born
Sept 15, 1902, died 051566. Buried in
Sullivan, Oh. Married Esther Baker.
Daughters Catherine(Neptune) & Melva

 *Carl Calvin Leiby born March 3,1901, died
July 18,1 947 Diabetes), Married Iva Moorehead, September 19,1923, daughters Betty & Elaine, son Eldon C. born & died August 23,1924. Divorced Iva, Married Jessie Irene Hudson , Daughter Judy (Nash) Carl & Eldon are buried at the East Homer Church, Pawnee Rd. Medina County, Oh.

*Fane Dalton Leiby born Sept 30, 1904, Married Ruth Ridgeway, children, Robert, Raymond, Gerald Dalton, Shirley, Carol, Walter & Lenny. Carol died of pneumonia at age 12

*Noble Leroy Leiby born Jul 13,1906, Married
Irene Moorehead, sister to Iva, Carl's wife.
Adopted daughter Pauline.

*Kenneth M. Leiby, Married Doris Turner, Both are buried at East Homer Church. Their children were , Joyce, twins Harry & Larry, Sandy, Jayne, Kenneth, Scheryl, & Joan.

*Ralph Otis Leiby born Oct 16, 1908, Married
Clara Elisabeth Sprague.

*Mary Marie Leiby born Feb 18, 1912, Married
Albert S. Weidrick, sons Allen & Gary. Al & Marie
are buried in the Spencer, Ohio cemetery.

Ralph,... Carl, ...Fane,... Noble, .....Harold

*Lester Leiby
born Aug 24, 1914, Died
September 10,1954 in an auto accident,
Married Ilene Stark, two children, Lester
Eldon & Linda Kay. Lester is buried at
the East Homer Church, Pawnee Rd.,
Medina Co. Ohio. Ilene died of colon
cancer and is buried at Chapel Hill
Cemetery in Largo Florida. 

Ralph Otis Leiby born Oct 16, 1908 In Homerville, Oh. Died Apr 7, 1987. Married Clara Elizabeth Sprague, March 20, 1933 at the Baptist Parsonage on West Main St. in Spencer. They lived together on East Ave and 302 North Main Street, Spencer, Oh. Ralph worked as the custodian for Black River High School in Spencer.

Clara Elizabeth Sprague was born April 1912, on Adams St., in Wellington ,Oh. She grew up in Elyria and died
March 18, 2006 at the Elms Nursing Home in Wellington, Ohio, where she had resided since 1999.

Ralph & Clara are buried together in Spencer, Medina County, Oh. Cemetery.
They had three children, who were raised in Spencer.

 William W. Leiby & Family  ..William Wallace Leiby
......Leafa May Leiby
..........and family.
......Photo is circa 1920

William Wallace & Leafa May Leiby, circa 1900 
|.......William Wallace & Leafa May Leiby
William Wallace & Leafa May Leiby 1934
William Wallace & Leafa May Leiby
Photo Taken November 1934 by Clara Leiby 

 Leiby / Witherstine Family Photo Back Row L to R:
Netta Leiby Witherstine,
Gideon & Marilla Leiby

Front Row L to R:
Ruth Witherstine
Isaiah (Jim) Witherstine, William Wallace
& Leafa May Leiby

Leafa appears pregnant, which indicates the photo is circa 1900

 Leiby Homestead,
Homerville, Ohio, Late 1800's.

Gideon, Marilla , Netta, & William Leiby.

Located East of Route 301 on Black River High School Rd.
in Medina County, Ohio. One of these buildings burned, both are gone now.
Leiby Homestead Homerville, Oh. Late 1800's 

 Leiby / Davidson family Photo
Left to Right:

William Wallace Leiby.
B: April 23, 1879 D: Nov 7, 1963

Leafa May (Davidson) Leiby, Wills wife, B: Jan 5, 1881 D: 1944
Married May 13, 1900.

Burt Davidson, Leafa's Brother.

Sarah (Lynn)Davidson, (Married to
Johnson Davidson, not in photo)
Leafa's Grandmother.

James Edward Davidson, Leafa's Father B: Sept 19, 1858 D: Sunday
Nov 8, 1931, Married Cornelia Sprague, Feb. 14, 1879. She died Jun 1929 and is not in photo.

Lulu (Davidson) Koons, Leafa's sister

William Koons, Lulu's husband. &
unidentified baby (maybe Leo or Delva)

The Leiby Clan
Celebrates Ralph's 75th Birthday June 2009

Danniel L. Leiby

We miss you Danny !


From Leiby Family Bible

*Netta A Leiby, sister to William, Married Isaiah (Jim) Witherstine Feb 4, 1892.
*Ruth E Witherstine, Netta's daughter, married Forest G Guthrie Oct 7, 1912.
*Carl Leiby married Iva Moorehead, Sept 19,1923, Daughters Betty, Elaine, & Judy.
*Rebbecca born Nov 10,1812 and died Jan 31, 1898 (Stephens wife, Gideon's mother).
*Ruth Ellen Witherstine, born Aug 9, 1891.
*Isaiah Witherstine , born March 2, 1870.
*Robert Keith Guthrie, born Jan 4, 1914.
*Forest Eugene Guthrie, born Mar 13, 1916.

Gideon Leiby's obit can be found in the Jan 10, 1901 edition of the Medina Gazette, 3 (Homer ,Local News).

From headstones at the East Homer Church, Pawnee Road, Medina County, Ohio September 1998.

Rebecca Leiby Nov 10, 1812 to Jan 31, 1898.
Gideon Leiby Feb 12, 1838 to Dec 27, 1900.
Marilla Leiby Jun 5, 1851 to Aug 21, 1916.
Eldon C. Leiby August 23,1924 to August 23, 1924, buried next to
Carl Calvin Leiby March 3, 1901 to July 18, 1947.
Isaiah Witherstine 1870 - 1951.
Nettie Witherstine 1874 - 1952.
William Wallace Leiby 1879 - 1963.
Leafa May Leiby 1881 - 1944.
Lester Leiby 1914 -1954.
Eileen E Leiby 1918 - (Eileen is buried in Largo, Florida).
Kenneth & Doris Leiby are buried near William Leiby.
Abraham Witherstine died July 17, 1869 at age 66.
Henry Harrison Witherstine 1865 - 1946.
Sam Witherstine 1861 - 1929.
Catharine & Benjamin Witherstine.
Hattie & Frank Witherstine.

Information from burial records of Spencer,Ohio Cemetery, September 06, 1999.

 Name    Age Interment   Section   Lot   Grave

Robert Allen Weidrick  24  021584 24 48   1
 Ralph Otis Leiby  78  041187  21 57   1
Wendy Suzette Smith (Jeanne (Leiby) Smiths' daughter)  17  071082  24 34   4
 Fane Leiby   69  052773  26 32   1
 Ruth Ridgeway Leiby  54  082464  26 32   2
 Carol Leiby (Fane Leibys' daughter)  12  052754  26 32   5
 Dalton Paul Leiby ( Ray & Vera Leibys' son)  4 months  061352  26 31   5
 Jeffery W. Leiby (Shirley Leibys' son)  28  102490   26 32   4
 Albert S. Weidrick  76  021785  11 145   3
 Marie (Leiby) Weidrick  73  071785  11 145   4
 Gary Wayne Weidrick  51  081792  24 48   4
 Jo Lynn Weidrick (Trevor's Mother)  21   011394  24 49   1
 Trevor Allen Weidrick ..........(Stillborn)     010794  24 49   1
 Danniel Lynn Leiby 53  081909      

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