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...George Bethel, born between 1740 &1769, exact date unknown, died 5 May 1810. Married between 1781 & 1804, exact date unknown to Mahala last name unknown, born between 1749 & 1772,
died between 1794 & 1860 ..... Their Son

  Joshua Bethel, born 14 April 1791 in Hampshire County, West Virginia, died 04 May 1873 in Nelsonville, Hocking County Ohio. Married between 1825 & 1877 in Hampshire County, W. Va. to
Nancy Kidwell, born 31 October 1797 in Hampshire County, died 12 July 1870 in Hocking County, Ohio .... Their Son George Washington Bethel


George Washington Bethel,
Born 20 July 1817
Hampshire County, W. Va.,
Died 12 September 1886
in Athens County, Ohio.
Married 20 October 1842 to Mahala Ervin Born 19 May 1819,
Died 28 February 1904,
Hocking County, Ohio ...

Their children:

George W. & Mahala Bethel 

  Joshua Fletcher Bethel, born 22 February 1849, died 12 February 1906. Married Feb 19,1874 in Morgan County, Ohio. They lived in Trimble Township, Ohio married Amy Emma Johnson, born 5 August 1849, died March 1927. (Amy's parents were Joe Johnson & Matila Nott).
Their children:
Florence Bethel Fierce, born 21 July 1875, died 1937
Alta Bethel McGee, born 08 Oct 1876,
Clarence Warton Bethel, born 19 March 1879, died 24 May 1953, (Cheryl Tipton's great grandfather). Otto Bethel, born 08 November 1882 and
Ethel Bethel

  Ethel Bethel, born Sept. 13, 1889 in Trimble Township, died June15,1956, buried
Greenwood Cemetery, Wellington, Ohio,

Married: Charles H. Andrews, born about 1897

Their Children: Hazel Elizabeth, born Mar 30, 1913, Married James Hardy, they lived in Tarpon Springs Florida. Hazel died of Leukemia. No children, and

Clarice Elnore, born Nov 7, 1918, died Feb 3, 1970.
   Ethel Bethel

      Richard J.  & Clarice Elnore Andrews Wingenfeld

Clarice Elnore Andrews, born Nov 7, 1918, died Feb 3, 1970, of Leukemia. Buried Holy Cross Cemetery, Cleveland, Oh.
Mother to Charlene Mae Andrews. Father to Charlene identified on Birth Certificate as Willard Keefer. Of Colgate, Oh., age 19 at time of her birth. They were not married.

Charlene was raised by Samuel Shields & Elnore.
Elnore married Richard J Wingenfeld, who died Apr 14, 1968 and was buried at Holy Cross Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio..

Richard J.  & Clarice Elnore Andrews Wingenfeld


Charlene Mae Andrews born November 24, 1934 in Trimble Township, Athens County, Ohio.
Married Ralph Leiby.
They lived on South Main Street and Barker St. Wellington, Ohio.
They had four boys. 

  Charlene Mae Andrews Leiby